Vox Nutube MVX150C1 Valve 1x12 Combo Amp (Pre-owned)>

Vox Nutube MVX150C1 Valve 1x12 Combo Amp (Pre-owned)


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Pre-owned in excellent condition. Specifications of second-hand items, which are sold under the HMRC Margin Scheme, are established to the best of our knowledge. 

Vox say:

"While preserving the basic structure of a vacuum tube, Nutube has eliminated the problematic aspects of tubes, and succeeded in creating a dream device that’s compact, consumes little power, and has a long lifespan. This amazing device has already been used in the MV50 small head amp as well as in a variety of musical instruments. The MVX150 series is the culmination of this technology. In order to fully express the potential of the Nutube, both the pre-amp and power amp sections feature a Nutube. The newly designed power amp uses NuPower technology, and attains sound quality and stunning power that surpasses conventional tube amps. The two-channel design covers a wide range of sounds from clean to high-gain, and everything in between.  The MVX150 also features useful functionality such as a WET ONLY output for the on-board reverb and effects send/return. Additionally, the combo-type MVX150C1 specially features a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker that covers a broad range of frequencies and can handle the high output of the MVX150.

"The MVX150 series represents a new frontier of amplifiers, one that challenges the established conceptions of large tube amps and costly boutique amps."

Main features

– 150W Nutube amp featuring a next-generation Nutube vacuum tube in both the pre-amp and power amp sections

– Newly developed NuPower power amp technology distills the advantages of conventional power amps

– Two-channel design covers a wide range of tones, from pure clean sounds to modern hi-gain

– Each channel provides EQ as well as various modes that provide a wide array of tones

– The pre-amp of each channel is equipped with a bias adjustment knob

– High-quality, on-board digital reverb

– WET ONLY output lets you easily set up a wet/dry rig

– EMULATED LINE OUT allows realistic amp sounds for direct-line recording

– A chic flat design represents a new era of large tube amps

– Lightest weight in its class; Superb portability

– No need for the bothersome maintenance that is often required for conventional tube amps

– The MVX150C1 combo amp features a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker

– Optional footswitch allows you to switch channels and toggle reverb, or effects, on & off


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