About Us

Moonflower Guitars was established in 2020 in a spirit of spontaneity and optimism by three friends and bandmates, Ming, Jon, and Alan.

As the band Project Blackbird, we have gigged in the UK, Europe, and U.S.A.; and we are in the process of recording our latest album together with our bandmates Jamie and Eddie (release date summer 2024). Alan is the awesome guitarist within the business trio and has developed a good working knowledge of electric guitars, equipment, and accessories through his passion for music and playing.  It's his interest and expertise that informs our individually-curated stock, and his set-ups and attention to detail are becoming legendary within the local music community!

Jon, a multi-instrumentalist, has worked professionally as a touring and recording musician for many years alongside his former career as a head teacher. He was The Specials' touring trumpet player from 2008 to 2015 and played on The Dandy Warhols' 25th Anniversary European Tour in 2019.  He is our social (media) butterfly and the "blue sky thinker" without whom our company would probably not exist.

Ming is a practicing mental health social worker with an eye for beautiful patterns, and when not at the shop in person is busy grafting behind the scenes helping to manage the business; or is in her workshop continuing to develop Moonflower's line of customised scratchplates, hand-bound tab books, and fabric-covered guitars. She is a bass player who has been tempted into learning six-string guitar through co-running the shop (but is struggling to find time to practice!).

We have a shared passion for music and adventure, and aim to provide the present and future guitar-players of Rutland and beyond with friendly, knowledgeable, and creative service.  Our shop is located in the historic market town of Oakham on Mill Street, which is renowned for its vibrant independent and community spirit.  It is this same spirit that we hope to share with you through our quality, commitment, and enthusiasm.