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Moonflower's developing line of custom products began with Ming's coptic stitched (open spine) bookbinding education during the first 2020 lockdown, and Alan's fateful question, "Could you cover a guitar with that?".  Thus began months of hard work and trial and error, trying to find the right combination of materials to transform standard scratchplates and guitar bodies into individual works of art.  Staying true to the bookbinding theme, Ming uses the same (mainly hand-printed) carefully curated decorative paper and beautiful cotton and gilded fabrics that she might use for endpapers and bookcloth (covers), for boutique scratchplates and fabric-covered guitars.  She then covers these with epoxy resin for a resilient undercoat that enhances the vibrancy and depth of the original colours and patterns.

Keeping it in the Moonflower family is Alan's dad, Paul Roberts, who uses his professional spraying skills to provide side bursts for the guitars and lacquer finishes for both products.  Our aim is to move towards commissioning our own guitar bodies and build customised instruments that will open the eyes as well as the ears.

Meanwhile, Ming also continues to apply her bookbinding skills to their original purpose by crafting individual tablature and staff paper books.