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Ann Muir Archive Marble Paper

Moonflower Guitars

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Exquisite, made-to-order decorative guitar scratchplates hand-covered with Shepherd's bookbinder's paper and hard-wearing resin and/or lacquer, and backed with copper shielding.

Please contact us directly for details, as this is truly a custom experience! We can source a scratchplate for you, or use your guitar's existing scratchplate. We recommend a polished Resin or Resin and Lacquer (Satin or Gloss) finish. Where possible, we prefer to refit the decorated plate in person to ensure a good fit.

Due to the interaction between paper and finishes, some variation in colour may occur.  This process requires curing, so please allow a three to four-week lead time for your order.

Shepherd's have a wide range of paper in stock...please feel free to browse on and let us know what you would prefer if you'd like to look outside of our current stock.  Equally, we are open to sourcing other options if desired.

Pricing is on application, but as a rough starting guide:

  • Les Paul types start at £35
  • Telecaster types start at £60
  • Stratocaster types start at £70
  • Full jazz bass types start at £75

Shepherd's say:

"Ann Muir (1939-2008) was a skilled craftswoman whose hand marbled papers gained her an international reputation. Ann worked from her studio at St Algar's Yard, in Frome, Somerset. Her skill in reproducing historical designs and patterns was remarkable. As Ann's reputation grew, opportunities for a more imaginative use of her talent flourished; she was increasingly commissioned by fine press printers to design paper for specific titles, each one reflecting a book's theme."

These are papers from Shepherd's once they're gone, they're gone!

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