Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus Guitar Amplifier/Speaker>

Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus Guitar Amplifier/Speaker

Line 6

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Line 6 say:

"The Powercab® 112 Plus active guitar speaker system was specifically designed for use with professional modelers. If you are happy with your modeler’s onboard cabinet models and just want to hear the sound of your presets amplified, simply connect your modeler to Powercab 112 Plus, select Flat (FRFR) mode, and play.

"Switching to Speaker Modeling mode on the Powercab 112 Plus enables you to take advantage of 12 proprietary onboard speaker models—which are not the same as either cabinet models or impulse responses—for a more organic 'amp-in-the-room' playing experience. Modeled speakers range from classics such as 'Greenback' and 'Blue Bell' to modern designs. Connect a pair of Powercab 112 Plus speaker systems to hear ping-pong delays, expansive reverbs, and spacious modulation effects in full stereo.

"Additional features include a rugged-yet-lightweight plywood cabinet with flip-out kickstands, a 2-inch LCD, 128 user preset locations, an XLR direct output, MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU and L6 LINK™ I/O, a multipurpose second input, and a USB audio interface. Third-party IRs may also be loaded and saved within presets."

Choice of Flat (FRFR) or Speaker Modeling modes

Choice of 12 onboard Speaker Models

Impulse response (IR) loading

250-watt amplifier delivers up to 125dB SPL

12" custom hybrid coaxial driver

70Hz-20kHz neutral frequency response in Flat mode

Curved plywood construction results in a cabinet that is solid yet lightweight

128 Presets configurable for Flat, Speaker Modeling, or IR mode

MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU I/O, L6 LINK, USB audio interface

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