Foxgear PLEX 55 Mini-Amplifier>
Foxgear PLEX 55 Mini-Amplifier>
Foxgear PLEX 55 Mini-Amplifier>

Foxgear PLEX 55 Mini-Amplifier


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Our suppliers say:

"We started with the groundbreaking, best selling Kolt 45 Miniamp and with that sucess it just made sense to extend Foxgear’s line of miniamps with an insanely compact series of Complete Guitar Amplifiers featuring a multi-stage Class A FET preamp and Foxgear’s proprietary Class D power section, capable of real 55 Watts rms @4 Ohm.

"The NEW PLEX 55 Foxgear’s FETs preamp section truly mimics the behavior and harmonic content of tube preamps like the Classic British tones reminiscent of Marshall Plexis.  

"The PLEX 55 is designed to get that Edge and Crunch tone you expect when an amp is pushed to its limit, place your favourite OD/Distortion in front of it and the tone is unbelievable.  

"Lightning fast response and harmonically rich, you will forget you’re not playing thru a Tube amplifier. The PLEX 55 is also perfect as a backup amp, but soon you’ll bring your PLEX 55 alone for all your gigs and rehearsals. Your ears and your back will thank you!"

General Details

Power In: 24VDC 4A (positive TIP)

Power out: 55W RMS @4Ohm max 3%THD

Consumption: 2,5A

Input Impedance: >100K Ohm

Speaker Output Impedance: >4/8/16 Ohm

S/N ratio: <90db

Length: 120mm (4,7”)

Height: 30mm (1,1”)

Width: 60mm (2,3”)

Weight: 0,2Kg. (0,4lbs)

NOTE! The Plex55 a a real amplifier, it MUST be connected ONLY to a guitar Cabinet to prevent damage. ALWAYS connect Pedal first, then the wall plug.

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