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Basso Vegan Premium Ecostrap - Black


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Basso say:

"Brazilian strap brand Brasso has created a 100% vegan synthetic material which is phthalate and hydrolysis free, and completely recyclable.  This new material is much more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional non-vegan materials.  Once the material reaches its 'end of life' (around 15 years) it can be recycled into new material and start its life again!

"The Brasso ECOstrap is 6cm (2 1/3") wide with an adjustable length from 100-145cm.  The strap is printed with a buffalo pattern."

This material:

Is resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents;

Is resistant to most chemical reagents;

Provides good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation;

Is solid and shock-resistant;

Is impervious to gases and liquids;

Is weather-resistant (sun, rain, wind and sea air);

Is durable: Its useful life in buildings is over 50 years;

Does not spread flames;

Is versatile and environmentally friendly;

Is recyclable and recycled;

Is made with low power consumption.

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