Trace Elliot Elf 1x10 Combo 230 EB Bass Amplifier>

Trace Elliot Elf 1x10 Combo 230 EB Bass Amplifier

Trace Elliot

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Our suppliers say: 

"There are many small bass amplifiers, but NONE that sound like their full-sized counterparts. For the tone of a big bass amp that you can carry in one hand, the Trace ELF 1x10 Combo takes the finest speaker components on the road in a portable package. 

"This Combos is purpose-built to amplify your skills and the tone of your instrument. Ultimate tone, ultimate portability, ultimate Trace! Gig-Ready Ultra Quiet DI. The integrated Trace DI, is ultra quiet, allowing you to easily send your optimized tone to the house. Also perfect for recording applications.

"Got a big gig? Take an ELF 1x10 Combo and the 1x10 speaker cab and have more than enough power."

  • 160 Watts continuous into 8 ohms (internal speaker only)
  • 200 Watts continuous into 4 ohms (with extension cabinet)
  • One 10“ , 8 ohms high efficiency neodymium full-range driver
  • Wide range input gain control with signal level indicator
  • 3-band rotary equalizer that emulates the response of classic Trace Elliot multi-band graphic EQ filters
  • Ultra-high preamp input impedance (>10meg ohms) for maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups
  • Post EQ balanced XLR DI output with ground lift for sending classic Trace Elliot® tone to a mixing console or recording device
  • 1/4" (6.35 mm) headphone output for quiet practice
  • 1/4" (6.35 mm) external speaker output
  • Dimensions (HWD): 13.3" (338 mm) / 12.0" (305 mm) / 14.0" (356 mm)
  • Weight: 18.1 lbs / 8.21 kg

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