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Riff RGA 10 Portable Amplifier


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Our suppliers say:

"The Riff Music Products RGA10 is a great portable amplifier ideal for home use or on the go performers. It comes with a 12V power supply, but can also be powered by 6x AA batteries for portability. Innovative engineering allows for the speaker to be disabled when the headphone socket is in use. The AUX connection allows for the playback of external devices - great for social occasions or playing along to backing tracks."

AUX input to use amp as external speaker or play along with backing tracks

2-band EQ (Bass & Treble), Independent Gain and Master Volume controls

Powered by 12V mains (power supply included) or 6x AA batteries

Speaker is disabled when headphones are plugged in

10W power output with 5 inch, 8 Ohm speaker

2 channels (Clean & Distortion)

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