Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)>
Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)>
Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)>
Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)>
Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)>

Laney Cub 8 Valve Amp (Pre-owned)


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A barely-used, compact valve amp in excellent condition.  S/N ZIC 10462351.

Specifications of second-hand items are established to the best of our knowledge. 

Laney say:


"The Laney CUB8 is an all valve guitar amp with its roots fairly and squarely back in the very beginning of valve amp production. The layout of the Laney CUB8 is simple with its focus being great straight ahead vintage tone. The design ethos behind the CUB8 is ‘Small is Beautiful!’ There are plenty of situations when small is king and having a smaller wattage amplifier affords you the luxury of achieving classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume.


"The CUB8 features a classic single-ended Class A design, and is loaded with a single ECC83 in the pre amp section and a single 6V6GT in the output section generating 5 watts RMS of vintage tube tone.

"The CUB8’s control panel is simplicity personified – a tone control, a volume control, and a Hi and LO input.


"Using a CUB8 is straightforward, plug in, dial in your tone and wind the volume up a little and the 6V6GT’s respond in a bright, bouncy and brilliant fashion. Drive the output section harder and the increased 2nd and 3rd order harmonics give the tone a pronounced bottom end and a lovely lower mid.


"The CUB8 is fitted with a custom designed HH driver – chosen to produce the best tone available from the unit and is finished in a retro styled brown and tan cosmetic giving it a very smart, attractive appearance.


"The Laney CUB8 is also a great Blues Harp Amplifier.

"The CUB8 offers everyone the opportunity to experience the sound and feel of a good quality tube amp at what is truly an amazing price."


Power: 5 Watts

Inputs: Hi & Lo

Channel Controls: Tone, Volume

Equalisation: Tone

Preamp Valves: 1 x ECC83

Output Valves: 1 x 6V6GT

Class: Class A single ended

Reverb: No

Footswitch: No

FX Loop(s): No

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Drivers: 8 inch Custom Driver

Weight: 6 Kg

Dimensions: Width 305mm x Height 301mm x Depth 205mm

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