DV Mark DV Micro 50 M Guitar Amplifier (Pre-owned)>
DV Mark DV Micro 50 M Guitar Amplifier (Pre-owned)>
DV Mark DV Micro 50 M Guitar Amplifier (Pre-owned)>
DV Mark DV Micro 50 M Guitar Amplifier (Pre-owned)>

DV Mark DV Micro 50 M Guitar Amplifier (Pre-owned)

DV Mark

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This pre-owned DV Micro 50 M (discontinued model) solid state amplifier head is in excellent condition.  S/N J9F00532; date of manufacture 08-2019.

Specifications of second-hand items, which are sold under the HMRC Margin Scheme, are established to the best of our knowledge. 

DV Mark say:

"Following the extraordinary success of the DV MICRO 50 —with the DV Micro and DV Little heads we were the first to introduce such a kind of guitar products design, that marked a new standard for ultra-portable and great sounding amps—the DV LITTLE 50 M offers a wide range of tones, from clean to very high-gain distorted lead tones, featuring huge amount of gain and a properly scooped EQ on drive channel to fit needs of hard rock and metal players.

"The DV MICRO 50 M features an onboard warm and sweet-sounding reverb, plus a send/return FX loop to interface your favorite stompboxes and multieffect units. It also includes a Headphone output and an AUX input for iPod or MP3 player so you can practice anywhere and anytime you like.
This amp also features a Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V to use the amp in countries with different voltages, without having to carry an external converter!


"At DV Mark, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot of resouces in R&D to develop a proprietary power amp , designed to respect and glorify the tone of your instrument. The DV MICRO 50 M power amp gives you faster attack, improved dynamic response and warm, natural musical sound."

Power    60w

Series    Micro

Size    Xs

Preamp    Solid state

Power amp    Mpt

Channels    Two

POWER OUTPUT: 50W @ 8ohms / 60W @ 4ohms

POWER AMP: MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology)

CHANNELS: clean-drive

CONTROLS (CLEAN CH): Level / EQ: bass-mid-high

CONTROLS (DRIVE CH): Level / Drive / EQ: bass-high

EFFECT: Reverb

INPUT: 1 jack mono (1MΩ)

SPEAKER OUTPUTS: 4 ohms minimum load

Footswitch input for channels switch
Headphone OUT
FX Loop
Dual Voltage selector 120V/240V*
*(not available on the 100V version manufactured for Japan)

DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 7.87″ / 20 cm | 2.75″ / 7 cm | 8.7″ / 22.1 cm

WEIGHT: 4.19 lbs / 1.9 Kg

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